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Face your fears

Face your biggest fears and become a better person. The story of how I fought my biggest fear because I wanted to follow my dreams.

Written by Jim Raptis

Dec 22, 2020 • 2 min

Face your fears

The story about my fears

All my life I was an introvert who was afraid to meet new people and expose myself to new experiences.

I always thought that the best way to face your fears is to avoid them. In that way, you don't have to worry about getting a heart because you live in a "perfect" world.

Every time, I needed to jump in a call with a stranger my heart went like crazy, and run to find an excuse to postpone it.

But my biggest fear was public speaking. I never thought that I'd be able to speak in front of a crowd of people and manage to inspire them.

It took 24 years to finally fight these fears and stand up.

But how did I manage that? Let’s see...

A powerful quote

A simple quote changed my mindset and pushed me to grow.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Every day, we set 'virtual' boundaries for our personal growth. We believe that we'll never achieve specific goals or acquire specific skills.

We raise a wall in front of us and sit and watch all our dreams go on the other side of this wall.

Change your life. Follow your dreams.

Your comfort zone is the "perfect" place. You feel safe there and you believe nothing can touch you.

But it has a huge problem...

It's an illusion!

Eventually, you'll have to choose between your "ideal" comfort zone or following your dreams.

You need either to avoid getting hurt or get hurt.

It seems like an easy choice but it's not. It's hard to give up your safe place and face your fear.

It's 100% that you'll get hurt while fighting your fears.

But you need the take the leap of faith and believe in yourself.

Your dreams matter and you will never be truly happy until you follow them.

Getting hurt and embarrassed is a core step of the process. You can't master anything in life without trial and error.

But the rewards are valuable. You'll eventually be happy about yourself! You won't fear anything!

How to change your mindset

During 2020, I promised myself to fight all these 'untouched' goals, skills, or anything, and follow my dreams.

And the best way to do it is by starting.

  • Start to write.
  • Start to exercise.
  • Start to speak with strangers.
  • Start your own business.
  • Start your side project.

At first, you're gonna suck. You're gonna be the worst speaker, the worst builder, the worst writer.

But embrace it. You won't be like that forever. Keep on pushing yourself.

It might take time but you'll reach your goals in the end!

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