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Fun facts and the story behind my digital journey

Hey! My name is Jim. I'm a Greek designer and software engineer who was born in London and raised/living in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Currently, I'm working on MagicPattern and The Product Hunt Checklist.

I started designing when I was 14 years old and wanted to Photoshop myself into tropical places (awkward šŸ˜¬). The passion growed and on my 19th birthday, I decided to kickstart my freelancing career as a graphic designer. During my 4 year of freelancing experience, I evolved into a product-oriented UI designer focused on the optimal user experience.

In the meanwhile, I studied Electrical Engineeringing seeking a better understanding of the computer science world. I understood that my true passion was not scientific research but building actual products that impact the user's living. Iā€™m graduating this year so yay for me!

Back in 2016, I meet 3 brilliant colleagues from my university and together we shaped VisualEyes. Our vision was to provide deep visual insights for individuals or companies that want to optimize their digital presence. That was my first real challenge for my coding skills. The past 5 years, I've been working fulltime on VisualEyes and learned a ton of new things about startups, corporate world, and engineering.

My work in VisualEyes included branding the product and setting up the entire frontend infrastructure. I mastered JavaScript and the ReactJS framework. Also, I was directly evolved in the hiring process and management for our core product team.

In my free time, I love exploring personal ideas and shipping side projects. My ultimate goal is to grow a multi-million SaaS company from the comfort of my living room with Micky (my šŸ•)!

If you'd like, we can chat on Twitter or even work together.

Jim Raptis

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